Humanism In Medicine

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Prior to his death in 2016, world renowned guitarist Pete Huttlinger, often spoke to large groups of medical professional. He would discuss living with a rare congenital cardiac defect, the catastrophic health issues he endured, and ultimately his resilience and return to performing.  Within his speech he would also perform. Pete and his wife, Erin Morris Huttlinger, immediately noticed that the feedback from these healthcare workers was immediate and intense. Following Pete’s death, Erin decided to continue the work and has created a speaker’s series featuring entertainers who have suffered severe medical issues and have gone on to thrive. They share their stories with eager audiences.

With physician and healthcare professional burnout at epidemic levels, it is the belief that this series can provide valuable tools and encouraging messages to ignite and rekindle each healthcare professional’s passion for patient care and their desire to restore the human aspect as the foundation of their relationship with their patients.  

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Comments from healthcare professionals:

"Every week I experience someone else’s pain in losing a loved one. This creates feelings of guilt and a darkness that no matter how hard I try influences other areas of life. This experience is like a North star illuminating the dark areas and reinvigorating the passion I felt when I started my medical career."


"Physicians are under tremendous and increasing daily pressure. Often, it may be difficult to remember why we chose this field. This concert series, and the personal reflections from our musician/patients, remind each of the wonderful connection between patient and physician. The music lightens our loads and lifts our spirits."


“The parallels between music and medicine struck me -- both gifts designed to heal both the practitioners and patrons.”


“I was touched to hear a musician speak of the meaning of returning back to work and it helped remind me of the meaning in my own work.”


“I have come away feeling refreshed and reminded about how sacred the work is that we do every day in healthcare. It isn’t usual work. It requires spending personal emotional capital unlike many other professions when it is done well. This takes its toll day after day. Efforts such as the Huttlinger Series are a reminder that we are humans too, who can benefit from taking time to enjoy the arts, listen to others who are grateful for our efforts, and then be refreshed to move forward and help the next human who has trusted us with their healthcare.”