NEW YORK -- October 31, 2018 -- In response to last week's tragedy in Pittsburgh, bluegrass duo Nefesh Mountain has responded with a message of love. The husband and wife team of Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff shared this message on Facebook. "There are no words that can express what we and the Jewish communities of the world are feeling right now. All we can do at this moment is bless and honor these sweet, sweet souls. May we all do everything we can to heal our broken world."

The duo also posted a video to social media--a song written expressing their shock and sadness, titled "Tree of Life." 

Video, full posting and song lyrics are listed below.

To all our friends and loved ones,

We have been in state of continual shock since this weekend’s tragedy in Pittsburgh. We wrote this song last night as a way to cope with the fear and sadness that we, just like all of you, are feeling. Our offering of love and healing. 

This song is called “The Tree Of Life” and is dedicated to memories of 

Joyce Fienburg, 75
Richard Gottfried, 65
Rose Mallinger, 97
Jerry Rabinowitz, 66
Cecil Rosenthal, 59
David Rosenthal, 54
Bernice Simon, 84
Sylvan Simon, 86
Daniel Stein, 71
Melvin Wax, 88
Irving Younger, 69

Song lyrics:

“The Tree Of Life” 
O sweet spirit 
Hear my prayer 
Help these words
Heal someone, out there

I am but a voice 
Just a cry in the air
But I sing nonetheless 
Through this pain we share 
O sweet friends 
Come and dry your eyes
And hold each other
By this tree of life

I am angry and I am tired 
Of this great divide
But I sing nonetheless
With love on our side 
O sweet souls 
Who feel broken now
We’ll heal together
Somewhere, somehow

Time and again
We have been let down
But we sing nonetheless
Still whole and still proud 

# # #


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Sean Della Croce