Nefesh Mountain Debuts "Narrow Bridge" Video

NASHVILLE -- April 24, 2018 -- Today Nefesh Mountain releases "The Narrow Bridge," the latest video from their new album Beneath The Open Sky., which premiered the video Friday (4/20) as part of a "10 Best Country & Americana Songs of the Week" feature, commented, "It's message, never more relevant in these turbulent times, suggests that love and hope are there to be found. You just have to know where to look and listen."  Husband and wife duo Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff are Nefesh Mountain.

"We recorded this video in both Nashville, during our recording sessions for the album, and in Woodstock, NY on what was clearly, a very cold day," said Lindberg. “The Narrow Bridge” reflects on an old saying, 'The whole world is like a narrow bridge, the important thing is to not be afraid'.” "In a way this song very much reflects times that we live in right now for this country, the world as whole, and our own selves." Zasloff adds.  "For us the overarching message is that we all have a choice; we can look through one lens, very easily seeing our world today with all of it’s ongoing trouble and unrest, but also (and perhaps even at the same time) look through another where there is abundant joy and beauty everywhere. With “The Narrow Bridge” we want to hold on to the notion that even in these troubled times we can still find hope and love, and that they just might be in the most unexpected places of all."

The sound is crisp, clear, magical, an instant favorite, the type of record that cleanses the dirt underneath, in between, and unforeseen, the album is perfection.

On March 2, the husband and wife duo released Beneath The Open Sky, their second full length album and follow up to their critically-acclaimed self-titled debut Nefesh Mountain. The recording was very much a hands-on undertaking for the couple, writing or arranging all 11 songs, as well as co-producing the entire project. They recorded it with the instrumental backing of Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Tony Trischka and David Grier, aided by Nefesh Mountain’s touring band members, Alan Grubner on fiddle and Tim Kiah on bass.